Hire with Precision

Hiremator's AI does the heavy lifting, matching resumes to your needs with laser precision. Our data-driven algorithms score candidates objectively, saving you time and ensuring you hire the best, every time.


Unlock Savings with Every Hire

Hiremator automates 90% of your recruitment, reducing the time to hire and reducing expenses. Our feature-rich AI platform drives your recruitment engine by helping to get the best candidates on a budget.


Recruit Exceptional Talent Effortlessly

Hiremator's AI analyzes skills, experience, and cultural fit, identifying top 5% candidates in your industry. Build diverse, high-performing teams with data-driven insights.


Streamline Your Hiring Workflow

Hiremator’s AI-powered platform automates 90% of your recruitment process, from intelligent search to screening interviews. Find the best fits faster, save time and money, and focus on what matters most.


Hassle-Free Onboarding Experience

Hiremator's intuitive platform makes hiring easy, even for beginners. Our user-friendly interface and comprehensive support help you find the right fit for your team and maximize your efficiency.


Multi Layered Security Approach

Hiremator employs a multi-layered security approach: encryption, access controls, secure storage, audits, and compliance. Your data is safeguarded against breaches, ensuring confidentiality and security.

Who is Hiremator For?

Staffing Agencies
Staffing Agencies

Harness the power of AI to source, screen, and secure top-tier talent efficiently and effectively.

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Growing Startups
Growing Startups

Streamlines hiring, enabling you to build a dynamic team that drives growth and innovation.

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Optimizing workflows to maximizing talent acquisition, helping large organizations thrive in the market.

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The Complete Hiring Solution

Discover All Features
AI-Based ATS

AI-Based ATSExperience precision in candidate selection with our state-of-the-art AI-driven Applicant Tracking System, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your team.

Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking SystemEffortlessly manage and track applicants throughout the recruitment journey, simplifying the hiring process and enhancing collaboration among your team.

Customizable Job Board

Customizable Job BoardTailor your job board to align with your brand identity and preferences, creating a visually appealing and engaging platform for potential candidates.


Hiremator is an AI-powered recruitment platform that revolutionizes the hiring process by automating tasks such as resume screening, interview creation, and candidate scoring. It streamlines recruitment, saving time and resources for employers.

Yes, Hiremator allows you to customize the Job Board to align with your brand identity and preferences, creating a visually appealing and engaging platform for potential candidates.

The Collaboration and Team Management feature in Hiremator enables effective collaboration among team members throughout the recruitment process, streamlining communication and workflow management.

Hiremator leverages advanced algorithms and AI technology to source candidates from various channels such as job boards, social media platforms, and professional networks. It identifies and attracts top talent based on predefined criteria, optimizing the recruitment process.